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Womens Day

Did you miss the 2012 Women's Day Event? You can take see details from last year's event, and even view pictures on our Facebook page. Keep watching and be sure to mark your calendars for: September 21, 2013.
More information coming soon!

Join us this year for Women’s Day September 21, 2013 with our theme: Forward By Faith, in which we will be focusing on how we can develop our faith in every area of our daily lives.

Womens Day 2013 at Tomah Baptist Church


Workshops for Womens Day at Tomah Baptist Church 2013

Has Unbiblical Thinking Crept Into Your Life?
Presented By Mrs. Carol James

Can you tell the difference between Biblical and Unbiblical thinking? In this workshop We will discover some current social and cultural ideas you may not be aware has seeped into your daily mindset and behavior that is contrary to God's teaching and direction. We welcome you to join us as we discuss Biblical ways to draw our minds back to Christ so we can have a greater testimony for our Savior and become more effective in our service for Him. Carol has been married to John for 40 years, has three grown children, and eleven fabulous grandchildren. Mrs. James has been ministering at Tomah Baptist Church, teaching, mentoring and conducting Bible studies for women for 20 years. Her professional nursing and extensive education and experience in counseling is certainly an outgrowth of her tender compassion and care for others.

Trials Are Stepping Stones
Presented By Mrs. Joslyn Sullivan

Have you ever thought if you looked up the word "trial" in the dictionary, that your picture would be next to the definition? In this workshop, we will take a look at different trials that may have entered your life, the negative and positive results they can have on you. We will chat about how you can live beyond what you imagined was your capacity. Joslyn has been married for 15 years and is the homeschooling mother of 2 energetic redheaded boys. God has showed His faithfulness to her through physical trials, chronic pain, and the loss of a baby. Her heart for teaching goes beyond her homeschooling efforts and pours out into her Sunday School classroom on a weekly basis. She believes that God has truly been showing her though to understand the meaning of the song’s words, “A heartache here is but an stepping stone.” We invite you to sit in on this workshop as Joslyn opens her heart and shares her personal experiences of how God has used trials in her life to help expand her faith and trust in the Lord.

Parenting For Success
Presented By Mrs. Pat Tobin

What does it mean to succeed as a parent? How does a parent raise a godly child in such an ungodly world today? Between all the books, blogs, media and more, it can be challenging to discern what advice corresponds with God's Word. In this workshop, Pat Tobin will discuss some of the what's and how's of parenting for success, and provide you with useful tools and practical strategies for parenting today, while maintaining a godly home for our children. Mrs. Tobin has worked alongside her husband as a pastor's wife on the mission field, and local church planting for over 35 years. God has used her love for children for teaching preschool through high school age students over those many years as well. The Tobin's have raised three children for the Lord, all who are faithfully serving the Lord in ministry capacity. You will enjoy her effervescent speaking style and vivacious spirit, as well as her heart for ministering to people.

Preserving Relationships Through Forgiveness 
Presented By Dr. Ron Tobin

Is Family Feud more than just a game in your life? Have past tragedies or hurts affected your friendships and family relationships today? Dr. Tobin will discuss healing and preserving relationships through the power of forgiveness, and give you practical ways to tear down the obstacles that create further strife and division. Dr. Tobin has been a pastor and counselor for over 35 years. He has even been the chief counselor for the substance abuse division of the hospital, published author and leader on various Christian boards and organizations around the State of Wisconsin. Whether you are struggling with this particular challenge in your life today or simply want to begin safeguarding your relationships for the future, you won't want to miss this valuable workshop.

Faithful Hospitality (Only Available during the AM Session)
Presented By Mrs. Kate Buehner

Dealing with people can be difficult! We certainly all have our different quirks. Kate Buehner would like to share a variety of ways to reach out to people and connect with others, no matter what our circumstances may be. It IS possible to be hospitable even when you have a busy schedule, and to faithfully encourage the people that the Lord brings into our lives. In a world that daily tears Christians down, come and hear some helpful tips to be more open and caring towards others. Kate and her husband Paul have been serving at Tomah Baptist Church, heading up the Music Ministry for over 10 years. In between teaching piano and voice lessons full time, and assisting many of the community musical programs, Mrs. Buehner actively fosters the delicate balance of friends and family in the midst of maintaining her busy schedules. Coming from a large family, and married to her husband for 11 years, Kate is well known to always have a welcoming hearth, a warm heart and a willing ear for anyone who drops by her home...and usually something scrumptious from the oven!

Tone Chime Choir (Only Available during the PM Session)
Presented By Mrs. Heather Hershey

Have you always wanted to play a musical instrument, but have never had the time? Or perhaps you have heard the dulcet tones of a bell choir and were curious whether you could ever play. Now's your chance to find out for yourself! With a little knowledge, (and even less preparation), Mrs. Hershey has volunteered to direct a special musical number made up of our Women's Day guests who are interested in participating. Stretch your comfort zone and discover how much fun this group can have with just a little practice. We will only have one workshop session to prepare, (and maybe another brief break to review), so a little musical knowledge is certainly a help, but not a necessity. Heather Hershey has lived much of her life serving at Tomah Baptist Church as the eldest daughter of Pastor Tobin's family. She has taught High School English, Speech, Computers, and Music for many years, and has directed the TBC Tone Chime choir for the church and school for several years. Happily married to Colden for over 10 years, and the mother of a rambunctious toddler boy, she has maintained a full time website and graphic design business. Additionally, she and her husband recently began their new ministry to churches called Castra Ministries, bringing historical presentations of Ancient Roman and Early Christian life. Discover how apPEALing this workshop can be, and let the Lord put a new song in your heart!

Keynote Speaker for Tomah Baptist Church Womens Day 2013

Mrs. Alice SmithMrs. Alice Smith was born in 1958 and raised in the Catholic Church and school throughout her school years. She went to work at a truck stop as a waitress at 13 years of age. While working at that truck stop, she met Marvin E. Smith III, her future husband who was 16 years of age at the time and the began dating. They dated for several years. Marvin, who had been saved in 1964, began taking her to the Baptist church on Sunday evenings. After several months of attending the church, at the age of 18, Alice received Christ as her Saviour.

Marvin was called to preach at 18, not long before they were married on In August 7, 1976. Through her conversion to Christ, Alice has witnessed her father; mother, two sisters and brother come to Christ.

In 1978, Marvin and Alice began to serve in full-time Christian service in Marvin's hometown. They served for seventeen years in the bus ministry, music, Sunday school, prison, children's churches, youth and other ministries.

In September of 1993, through a course of events, they heard the clear calling to go to Ft. Dodge, Iowa to plant the Harvest Baptist Church. They joined a small group that had already been meeting for Bible study. They moved and held their first official service as Pastor and wife on October 30th, 1993 and have been serving there ever since.

Their son Marvin E. Smith IV serves as assistant pastor and their daughter Jamie Schnittjer serves as the school secretary. They have six grandchildren. Alice serves as the church secretary, teaches Sunday school, as well as in the Bible College. She enjoys cooking for church events, and working the nursery, and holding a monthly Bible study for the ladies of her church. She has been a faithful wife to Pastor Marvin E. Smith III for 37 years.

Because of their heart for young people and training them to face the spiritual battles of this world, they felt led to found the Anchor Character Training Center which allowed them to work with troubled teens from across America, many coming from Christian homes. Pastor Smith stated, "there are thousands of teenagers, children and even adults in and outside of churches that are being destroyed because of the spiritual warfare ignorance in our churches."

The Harvest Baptist Church now serves the following ministries: Harvest Baptist School, training kindergarten through twelfth grade; Harvest Baptist Bible College; Anchor Character Training Center, ministering to drug and alcohol addictions, gang members, runaways and rebellious teenagers; Amazing Grace Pregnancy Crisis Center; Harvest Broadcast; growing prison and nursing home ministries; Spanish and Laotian ministries; Bibles for the World, a world-wide missions printing ministry; and Harvest Baptist Press, printing guides for the Christian's toughest battles.

Join us this year for the special blessing you will receive from hearing Mrs. Smith share her heart for ministry and how we can go “Forward by Faith” in our Christian walk.

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Continental Breakfast served in the morning in the Fellowship Hall.

Lunch Menu: Soup, Sandwiches, Salads and Dessert

Registration Cost: $18 (Includes seminar, workshop materials, Continental Breakfast, and a lovely noon Luncheon)

*Cost will be non-refundable. Note: Doors open at 8:30 am.

A Special THANK YOU to the Maranatha Baptist Bible College for providing the delightful Christian bookstore for our annual event filled with tons of godly books, music, and gifts and some shopping enjoyment for all our ladies!

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