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Most people who are frequent visitors to our church will at some point decide that it is time to become a member of the church.  Everyone has the opportunity to join and become involved in the privileges of the ministry of Tomah Baptist Church. In order to really get connected, it is necessary to join! Many churches refer to joining as taking the next step. 

What Do I Need to Do to Join the Church?

It may be that you don’t want to know the details behind what happens when a person joins a Baptist church.  Instead you just want to know what steps you must take to become a member.

Generally, a person who wants to join the church will walk down to the front of the auditorium during the invitation and tell the pastor that he or she wishes to join the church.  The person will be given a card that requests information about the person’s name, current church membership and other things.  The pastor may ask the person additional questions and tell the church that the person is requesting membership and is coming to our church from a church that believes like ours or is coming as a candidate for baptism.  A member of the church will make a motion that the church receive the person, it will be seconded, and the church votes in the affirmative.  It should be noted that the church reserves the right to change this original motion at a business meeting, since it is often hard to determine the details of how a person should be received during the short time allocated for the invitation.

Relationships with other Christians and being part of Christian service is important to your personal growth. Your membership as part of this congregation is welcomed and encouraged. You may become a member by your experience of salvation and baptism. You may transfer your membership from another Baptist church by letter. You may join by the statement of your faith and prior baptism by immersion. We also offer joint memberships for members of the military and their families. Speak with the pastor or simply come as the invitation is given at the end of the service.

Ways to Join Tomah Baptist Church:

Membership by Baptism: Any person professing faith in the Lord Jesus Christ as his Savior and declaring it as his purpose to follow Him as His disciple, may, by a unanimous vote of the congregation at any of its public services, be received through baptism by immersion into full membership of this church. 

Membership by Letter:  Members of other Baptist churches of like doctrine, who have been baptized according to the New Testament, may by a unanimous vote of the congregation at any of its public services, be received into full membership of this church in good and regular standing upon receipt of letters of dismissal from those churches.

Membership by Statement:  Any person who has at some time been a member of a Baptist Church of like doctrine, and who has been baptized according to the New Testament; but, whose membership has lapsed or been lost may, upon statement of the facts and the vow of their faith and love to Christ, be restored and received to membership by unanimous vote of the congregation at any of it's public services.

Once you become a member at Tomah Baptist Church, we encourage you to:

Attend Sunday morning, Sunday evening,  and Wednesday night weekly worship services.

Participate in a Sunday School Class on Sunday mornings.

Worship is part of a deepening relationship with the Living God, in which we find ourselves developing a stronger, fuller faith and strengthened for service. At Tomah Baptist Church, we believe that touching the lives of people through dynamic, corporate worship is an important means of bringing people to experience their full potential in Christ. Our commitment to dynamic, corporate worship is expressed in the way we plan and design worship experiences.

Sunday Morning and evening and Wednesday evening worship at Tomah Baptist Church is prayerfully planned to lead each worshipper to a closer relationship and walk with God. We sing both hymns and choruses to express our worship to God. The preaching of God's Word addresses the real-life needs of people.

The Responsibility of Church Membership

It is unwise to consider church membership without considering the responsibility of church membership.  Being a member of a church involves more than just attending on Sunday morning.  The Great Commission makes it very clear that it is the responsibility of churches to spread the Gospel throughout the world and to teach those that we reach.  For this to happen it is necessary for every church member to take part.  This is not to say that everyone must become a foreign missionary.  Every person has a unique set of skills that God can use.  Some people are skilled teachers while others find it more enjoyable to care for the sick, while still others really enjoy cleaning the church building.  It is the responsibility of every church member to find a place of service.  If you are unsure what you can do, let one of the church leaders know and he can help you find your place of service.


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